I am Cowbizz.com
While most people spent their time on Facebook or playing games on the internet in 2004 I discovered what I thought to be the best discovery since peanut butter and jelly, eCommerce! While operating two ground-based businesses it was time to get a presence on the world wide web. Purchasing my first domain that year. After buying several other domains I discovered the market for purchasing and reselling domain names. I was hooked. My game became seeing how many ways you actually could earn on the internet. With a humble beginning of building websites and purchasing others I met one of the greatest network allies anyone could ever hope for starting in the business, Ed Pudol owner of Lexorsoft online services. With his patience, help, and guidance the quest has never ended to attain some measure of success in the world of eCommerce.

Now after a short hiatus I returned to the business to pickup where I left off. Building a network of diversified websites deriving income streams from advertising, product sales and development services offered to like-minded individuals.
I welcome all new friendships and affiliations in this quest so join myself and the many others at  View Mike Carver's profile on LinkedIn
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